Brick Memorial

“Buying” an engraved brick in our new walkway is an opportunity to recognize, honor or memorialize someone; or to personally identify with the wonderful work of God in having been a part of this project as a family, couple, or individual.  These bricks will be 4 x 8 x 2.5 and will be red with a finished surface.  They are laser engraved in black, and the brick and engraving are guaranteed for life.  The price is $75 per brick and $50 is used to support the “One Another Ministry“.

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You may have as many as 4 lines and 21 symbols and spaces per line per brinck.  Any symbol is counted as one (period, comma, dash).  All text is centered unless otherwise noted.

    4 x 8 Brick (1)
    4 x 8 Brick (2)
    4 x 8 Brick (3)

 Please return this form and your check payable to:

Emerald Isle Chapel by the Sea
6712 Emerald Drive
Emerald Isle, NC  28594

Name: ___________________________________________________  Phone: ( _______)_______________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________________  State: _________________________ Zip: _______________
Email Address: ______________________________________________________  Amount Paid: _________________

If you have any questions, please call Ron Webb at 252-622-1505 or Anita Parker at 252-354-3210.

* Please indicate One Another Ministry on your check.