Chapel Choir

Chapel Choir

 “I will sing to the LORD as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.” – Psalm 104:33

The Chapel Choir is currently NOT meeting … pray for direction for the choir and a director for this wonderful ministry!

What a blessing it is to sing praise unto the Lord at Chapel by the Sea!

This picture was taken several years ago in the old Chapel Sanctuary.  The choir dresses in black and white for Communion Sunday, once every quarter.  I see Harris and Don and Sarah and Angela and Carla … where’s Charlton … of course, out front conducting us!   

Listen to the Chapel Choir sing “We are the People of the Good News” – 2/21/2016

Listen to the Chapel Choir sing “Count It All Joy”  –  5/8/2016  (Soloist:  Alice Cundiff)     Happy Mother’s Day ! 

Listen to the Chapel Choir sing “Bow the Knee”  –  6/5/2016  

Listen to Alice sing “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” with Laura on Piano – 6/12/2016

Listen to the Chapel Choir sing “Draw me Nearer” with soloist Alice Cundiff  –  1/29/2917

2018 November 18 – Roger solo with Choir “Great Things He Has Done”

2018 November 11 – Choir sings “These are the Names of God”

2018 September 30 – Choir sings “I Came To Praise the Lord”

2018 August 05 – Choir sings “Lean On Me” (solo Laura)

2017 September 17  –  Roger and Sarah sing an old favorite “Listen to Our Hearts”

2017  August 27 –  Roger sings with the Chapel Choir  “Were It Not For Grace”  … Praise God for our Salvation in Jesus Christ

2017 July 30 – Cassie Offertory on Piano “Clair de Lune”

2017 July 30 – Roger and Cassie join together for this wedding song “God’s Love”

2017 July 9 – Cassie Offertory on Piano 

2017 July 9 – Alice Cundiff solo with choir singing  “How Will They Know”

2017 July 4 – Charlton and granddaughter share “America the Beautiful”

2017 Forth of July celebration service choir singing “We Won’t Give Up!”

The choir sings “He Forgot” with Laura Hyden singing the verses and bringing it home!  

Listen to the Chapel choir sing on 5/28/2017 –   “The Glory of His Promises”  

Listen to the Chapel choir sing on 5/21/2017 –   “Go Light Your World”  

Listen to the Chapel ladies sing on Mother Day, 5/14/2017 –   “I am a Woman” 

Enjoy listening to the women of the Chapel Choir as they sing “Heaven’s Song”  – 1/23/2017

Heaven’s Song

There’s a place in every heart never filled by things of earth.

In every soul there is a part that longs to hear what can’t be heard.

Far away, yet ever near, there’s a tune that’s playing now.

Though not heard by human ear, open hearts can fell its power.

People search for happiness, with cluttered lives they travel on.  

Still they hold an emptiness, only touched by heaven’s song.  

           Heaven’s song, heaven’s song,

           Spirit sing it clear and strong,

          ‘Tiil our emptiness is gone away.

           Spirit breathe, sing it clear.  

           Quench out yearning and our fear,

           ‘Til out emptiness is gone.

          Touch our hearts with heaven’s song.

No composer has begun to craft the beauty of its tune.

All the music ever sung is just an echo of its truth.

Still we sing, still we pray, for we know the music comes

And the open heart can hear all the joy of heaven’s song.