Welcome to Chapel by the Sea

Welcome to Chapel by the Sea

For over five decades, the Chapel by the Sea fellowship has been a spiritual lighthouse to the residents and guests who are drawn to this beautiful island jewel on the North Carolina “Crystal Coast”.  Life on the Southern Outer Banks is often referred to as having long stretches of quiet punctuated by brief moments of alarm during hurricane season.  Despite the occasional storms, island life generally moves at a slower pace than most places.  Dressing-up here means putting on socks!

Unfortunately, the challenges of contemporary life can at times be just as overwhelming here as anywhere else in America.  That’s why the Chapel has become a special place of sanctuary and healing, as well as for training and equipping individuals to face life’s ever changing circumstances.

Chapel by the Sea is a non-denominational church or as we like to say … a “cross-denominational” church.  We believe Jesus, the Son of God in the flesh, paid for our sins on the cross at Calvary.   Jesus “paid it all” and “all to Him we owe”.  We believe each person is accountable to God for their sins and responsible to be reconciled to God for their sins.  

The Chapel is an independent church, established by the grace of God, governed by His Holy word, lead by the Pastors and Elders who are sustained by the prayers, offerings and service of it’s members.  At the Chapel you will experience sound Bible teaching and you will find a place where you can serve in God’s Kingdom as His “body of Christ” on earth (Romans 12:1-21).

Thanks again for surfing by our site which has been recently remodeled and, as you can see from the picture above, our Chapel building has recently been remodeled, too.  And next time you’re on the island, drop by for a visit!

In service of the King,
Pastor Clay Olsen